Silverfish Bug Facts You Need To Know

People all around the world love to keep their home in a neat and beautiful manner. A good home blended with a stunning ambiance is a dream for everyone, and living in such a home will increase your elegance and confidence for sure. A good house with crystal clear floors and non dusty nooks is absolutely a beautiful sight, and a person who sees your interiors will fall flat within moments. Maintaining a home in a tidy manner is not at all an easy task, and it requires much patience and care. Your work will increase a lot if your house is infested with nasty and ugly bugs like silverfish bug.

What they are?

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Silverfish bug, the name is quite beautiful and lovable, but this small wingless insect is literally disgusting, and it will make your house similar to hell. The insect which is also known as carpet sharks are just 1 inch in length, but the disaster it will offer will be too large beyond your imagination. The whole physical structure of this insect is quite ugly. They have flattened bodies with a lengthy antenna in the front, and their movement will make you puke within the first sight. The outer part of the bug is colored silvery blue, and there are many people who even started hating these two colors just because of this ugly insect. The movement of this bug is quite fast, and in most of the times, it is quite impossible to catch these insects. If one insect infests our house, then within some days or weeks, our house will be declared as their province by these nasty creatures and they will start their monopoly rule.What does the Silverfish Bug eat?

What does the Silverfish Bug eat?

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The main diet of silverfish bugs comprises of carbohydrates like sugar and starches. But to be very clear, these insects are game for any game, and they are ready to eat anything in your home like books, photographs, sugar, coffee, carpet and even sometimes your hair. It is practically impossible to destroy these pests if they have expanded their clutches in your home. They will even eat your house hold items, and will make your life like hell in no time. These bugs will cause extensive damage to anything and everything they see, and finally your dream home will become a nightmare without any smiles.

A silverfish bug may be present anywhere in your home, be it your bathroom or your bedroom. If you find these insects in bath tubs, shelves, sinks, wash basins etc, then you should understand that your home is in deep trouble. Holes in wall papers and clothing chewed by Silverfish are just warning signs before the bang, and these red signals have to be dealt with immediate effects. If you find torn clothing accompanies with yellow stains, then the culprit is none other than silverfish bug, the ugly insect which is determined to make our life as hot as hell.

Silverfish bug will not spare your home as well. They are very fond of insulation and dry wall, and they will eat it with utmost delight. These nasty creatures have no problem in destroying your home even if you have protected it with insulation and lumbers. Silverfishes loves to eat linen and cotton clothing. Even if you protect your most precious suiting in a cup board, silverfish will enter the locker and will have a delicious meal with cuisines like linen, cotton, polyester etc.

Is it possible to stay away from these bugs?

It is very difficult to get rid of these nasty bugs, as they are very strong and they can live without eating for more than a year. Avoiding moisture in your home is one of the best ways by which you can say Good Bye to these insects. But still, if you bring any thing from ware houses or other contaminated places, the chances of infest will again go high. Always fix your leaked pipes and try to seal up food in a proper manner, and sometimes, it may create a difference. There are also insecticides available in the market, and you can give it a try as well. But eradicating these insects completely is absolutely a big task, and it require proper planning and execution. Most of us lacks this planning, and it might be the reason behind our failure.

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