Does Silverfish Bite?

Many homes are suffering from different tiny, scary and disgusting insects destroying property and even causing illness. Silverfish are one of the most annoying and filthy bugs one can ever wish to harbor in a house even though they are not harmful to humans. Generally silverfish are night-time insects about half to an inch long, tear shaped with two antennae, three tails, and silvery in color and move in fish like motions. Though they can be seen in different colors and sizes, you must understand how dangerous they are and how to get rid of them. For their survival they only need water which is very essential to them, humidity and food.

Silverfish often hide in damp dark places where they come out mostly during the night. Also you can find them in tiny spaces, in between book pages or inside a framed print. These wingless creatures can live up to 3 years or more. Most fascinating is the fact that during this period the females continually lay hundreds of eggs in hidden dark places breeding multiple offspring. This further tells you that they can be destroying property in your home for such a long period without you even noticing. Even though they do not bite, their harm is far worse since they are best known to destroy almost anything that comes their way.

Silverfish precisely feed on a variety of household items containing starch or polysaccharides that are readily found in adhesives. They normally eat or rather destroy things like paper, glue, sugar, pictures, breakfast cereals, old clothes and wallpapers among others. They also contaminate foods but do not transmit diseases. So even if you cut off food supply or keep your food out their reach, they are known to survive more than a year without eating. Once in this state they go to the extent of eating their own molted exoskeletons. This means that even though not harmful to humans they have very irritating and resilient ways of survival. Most people have treasures in their houses, important magazines, newsletters, newspapers, images, books etc but with silverfish in your house, your items are at risk of being damaged.

Most people when getting rid of these harmful insects will mainly kill the adult silverfish but forget to get rid of those numerous laid and hidden eggs. To live in a silverfish free house, much is expected and required off you. Since it is hard to even exterminate silverfish from your home, you will be guided by the pest control teams on ideal measures to put in place to slowly get rid of them. If left unrestricted, the extent of their damage cannot be accurately measured and established. So it is equally important not to ignore them but do something rather than leaving them unshaken.
Understanding the nature of silverfish is itself an annoying area of concern. No matter how much we ignore them, let us keep in mind their capacity to damage and harm. It is upon you to make a viable decision if you want to safeguard your precious items and possessions while enjoying a life free off silverfish.

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