Does Silverfish Bite?

Itѕ vеrу unpleasant fоr anyone to hаvе silverfish scuttling and slithering around their hоmеѕ. If you’re experiencing this nоw, not doubt you’re irritated bу the appearance of this tiny visitors.

When people see this tiny organism on their home one question comes to their mind as it is looking scary; Dо silverfish bitе? Well, one good thing about these bugs is that they vеrу rаrеlу bitе, and if they dо it iѕ соmрlеtеlу hаrmеѕѕ to humаnѕ.

Sо although you don’t need to worry about silverfish biting you, you certainly want tо deal with these реѕtѕ аѕ quickly аѕ possible.



Silverfish tend to like materials such as prints, wallpapers, paste, and glue. You will find damages caused by their eating habits in areas that have been eaten partially all the way through or entirely all the way through. These insects rasp their way slowly through any piece of paper, and this damage is what is seen in libraries around the world. The Internet has many silverfish pictures showing this fact. These insects are really ugly because they have two slender and long antennae on its front and three long ones at the rear of its carrot-shaped body. Their bodies get a metallic sheen thanks their silver scales. These insects are idiots because they fall in bathtubs and cannot climb out.

Ugly movements

Their movements are ugly too because they move like a fish, and you can find them in any part of your home. They are an annoyance too because they consume books, wallpapers, fabric and other kinds of things. You have a moisture issue in your home or office if you find a lot of them, and you need to pay attention to this fact quickly before something dangerous happens. They like to eat wallpaper because they love eating the paste, and you know that they are even uglier because of this fact. They also have ugly styles of living because they like damp portions of closets, basements, bathrooms, and unexcaved places under the house. You will not see these ugly insects come up by using the drain pipes. These insects eat spiders, insect larvae and other small insects, and they look odd eating them as well.

Damage, damage, damage

These insects will eat your books, cereals, dried meat, fabrics and paper products. They can live up to four years, and you will have a headache if they live that long in your home. Silverfish can infect your entire home but can also be confined to the roof, attic or crawlspace. You need to get rid of these insects because they can cause many problems in your home. They have ugly bodies of 1/2 to 1/4 inch long, which taper from head to tail. Silverfish prefer cool and damp areas and they love the night to do their odd things like eating your books, cereals, clothing, and other items.

Silverfish can cause a lot of damage in your home or office because they like to eat books, papers, wallpapers, and other items. They can live up to four years, and this time span can cause a headache to your head. They can become very dangerous if you find a lot of them in your home or office, and they love to live in damp areas of any building.

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