How to Control Silverfish Predators

Silverfish predators are likely to inhabit your home if you have a silverfish bug infestation. Known silverfish predators include spiders, earwigs and centipedes. This article provides information on killing silverfish and getting silverfish predators out of your home.

Although silverfish and their predators are generally found outdoors they often come indoors under the right conditions. Silverfish predators often prefer to live in damp, humid conditions similar to where silverfish live.  This of course makes it it ideal for them to remain in the home until the environment changes to one that they do not like.

Methods such as using silverfish traps are helpful for controlling silverfish and silverfish predators. Many people have found that silverfish traps allow them to gauge the degree of  predator and silverfish infestation. If a lot of insects are being caught in the traps you know you have a big problem to solve. If there are very few caught in the traps you know there is a smaller problem.

If you see an increase in silverfish in the home you may soon see more silverfish predators as well. Silverfish predators have diets different than silverfish bugs which includes eating other insects  and insect parts. The presence of dust and dust mites is also be a food source for silverfish and predators.

Ear Wigs And Silverfish Bugs

Earwigs are found throughout north and south America, Africa,Europe, and Asia, and other places around the world. The earwig is well suited in the world of predators because they prefer to live in dark, damp cracks and crevices just as silverfish bugs do.

Similar to silverfish they are most active at night. Earwigs have a varied diets consisting of eating silverfish, other insects and plants. They are also known to eat fruit.

EarwigsSpiders Eat Silverfish

Spiders are are silverfish predators  and are found throughout the world. They come in many different types. They are known for injecting venom in their prey.

There are some species of spiders that actively hunt for prey by crawling around and other that use spun webs to catch prey. Indoor spiders prey on other insects as well as other spiders.

If you have a silverfish infestation you may  notice an increase in spiders in your house. Some people who have successfully eliminated silverfish from their home report that they noticed a significant decrease in the number of silverfish predators in  once the silverfish were gone.


Spiders on Home

House Centipedes Silverfish Predator

Centipedes are known silverfish predators. Centipedes are long flat arthropods with fifteen legs and can be found around the world. The centipede body consists of segments with each segment having its own legs. Centipedes use their antennae to search out and kill prey. In additions to eating silverfish prey on a variety of insects.

All of the silverfish predators mentioned in this article require moist areas to live but the centipedes lack of an outer skeleton on their body causes a special need for moist wet areas to live.

As it is with silverfish bugs centipedes are nocturnal.


House Centipedes Silverfish Predator

It may cause some concern to think that a silverfish infestation may attract silverfish predators into your home. Fortunately there are steps you take to get rid of silverfish that have invaded your home. Following  the steps  to get rid of silverfish will also eliminate silverfish predators

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