How to Get Rid of Silverfish and Never See Them in Your House in Less Than One Week!

how to get rid of silverfishNearly 3000 people have already successfully used my easy step-by-step guide to rid their homes of silverfish!

It is so simple that anyone with just 2 to 3 hours to spare can do it!


  • Don’t bother with chemicals or pesticides
  • Don’t hassle with Boric Acid – it’s unnecessary!
  • And whatever you do, DON’T shell out tons of cash on a pest exterminator!
  • My guide is pet and child friendly and great for apartment living!

silverfish-pictureHello my Silverfish burdened friend,
Are you tired of dealing with those pesky, gross, and downright dirty little creepy bugs running up and down the walls of your kitchen, bathroom, or, most disturbingly, your bedroom?Have you tried and failed rid your home of them before? Then you know it’s not an easy task!
True, it’s easy to pretend that squashing them is honestly taking care of the problem, but we all know that it doesn’t actually solve your problem. Squashing them will not stop them from reappearing time and again. But, take just a few minutes to review over this page, you will walk away with all the knowledge of how to be done with them for good. Considering that you’ve found yourself reading this, I feel it’s safe to assume that you really want to learn how to eliminate an infestation. But, like so many other, you might not realize that this little bug is more than just a “nuisance”. However, the more you learn about these icky little bugs, you will realize what a poor decision it is to not do anything about it. They are a much bigger problem than most people realize. They are harmful and very intrusive.

Though you may adapt an “ignorance is bliss” attitude about it, these are six little-known facts about silverfish bug that you should know:

Silverfish do, in fact, damage your home. They enjoy feeding on wall paper glue, and if they go at it long enough, this can wind up causing irreversible damage and costing you hundreds, sometimes thousands in repairs.

They are most active during the night. I found this out the hard way, when one crawled on me when I was watching TV. It was the last straw! It is what inspired me to finally eliminate the little devils for good!

Love cereal? So do silverfish! These disgusting bugs will crawl into your boxes of cereal and eat as they see fit, crawling all over your breakfast, and leaving behind nastiness (such as their eggs) when they decide to move on. If you’re lucky, when you go to pour yourself a bowl, you’ll find one and throw it out before eating.

Plants keep wilting and you don’t know why? Perhaps its because Silverfish also love to eat plants. They will feed on plants, causing damage, sometimes to the point of death.

Know what else they love to eat? Your clothes! To them, silks, cottons, and synthetic fabrics are a delicious snack. And if you don’t like the idea of them crawling around on your clothes, snacking here and there, imagine how you’d feel if you went to put on your favorite shirt (or, goodness forbid, a pair of undies) only to discover a big Silverfish in them?

Lastly, and this one probably doesn’t need to be said, they are simply just embarrassing. When was the last time you had family over for dinner or friends over for a game and you didn’t worry or fret about them using the bathroom and seeing all those nasty bugs crawling on your walls and toilet?


If you’ve done any research online, hoping to find a way to rid yourself of silverfish permanently, you’ve probably heard that the only way to do so is to fix whatever water damage you have in your home. True, that would help and it would be nice, but not everyone has that kind of cash to just throw around. And if you have landlords, you know how hard it is to get anything fixed in a timely manner, if at all. But no worries, there is a very easy and simple way to get what you want! And, you in no way have to shell out hundreds on fixing expensive water damage.

As I said earlier, my patience and inaction ended when one crawled on me while I was watching TV one night. I realized I had had enough, and decided that, no matter what, I was going to get them out of my house and keep them gone.

It wasn’t easy. Silverfish are very persistent.
I tried the simple (if somewhat barbaric) method of squishing them into nonexistence, but no matter the number I squished and squashed, more just kept coming and coming, and none seemed to get the message.
So, I did a little research on the internet to see if there was a solution, but I couldn’t really find anything helpful. The tips and tricks I found were few and far between, and I couldn’t find anything concrete that didn’t involve renovating my apartment.
I also didn’t like the idea of putting harmful chemicals and substances around my cupboards, sinks, shelves, and toilet just to maybe, hopefully get rid of some pests.
I was left pretty much on my own. I tried and failed many times, but at last I discovered just what needed to be done to get them out of my house! Hence, I discovered this exact, step by step guild be rid of them for good! 
I tried so many of the shoddy extermination tips I found online, and finally found a way be done with silverfish good. And like most things are when you finally figure out a good system, it is super easy to apply! Since figuring out my method, my one-hundred-year-old, riddled- with-water-damaged apartment has been free of silverfish for well over two years! 

And it’s not just me!
I have had nothing but extraordinarily high rates of success in getting rid of silverfish from all households that have used my guideline.
Just look at some of the satisfied feedback I’ve gotten from people from all corners of the world! Now, they know how to get rid of silverfish fast

Seeing them in my home used to be an everyday thing. I have not seen any in weeks, now!
Dear Richard,
I want to say that you have my deepest appreciate and thanks for your amazing silverfish solution. I had reached the point of wondering if I’d ever get them out of my home for good, or if I’d just have to deal with them from then on! I had a terrible silverfish problem for several years since I moved into my current apartment (an apartment just a little ways away from London, in Hertfordshire). When I discovered your website, I thought I would try it out. It made such a huge difference! I got used to seeing them once a day, but I haven’t seen them in months! Thank you so, so much. I was and am very happy with your enjoyable and informative ebook.
Manchester UK

So happy I found this, wish I had found it years ago!
I had had silverfish for a long time. I figured they were no big deal because I’d only see them once or twice a week in my bathroom. Eventually I got tired of it when I realized how bad of an infestation if was, and decided be done with them.
I was interested by skeptical about your ebook. A solution with no chemicals? Hmm. I have a toddler, and chemicals were a big concern for me.
I took a chance and got your book and followed it to the letter. Thank you so much! Now the silverfish are a thing of the past, gone for two months and still going!

Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU!
Hello, Richard!
Thank you so very much for solving my silverfish infestation! You are so right about how embarrassing the infestation was. Though they never caused me any harm, I sure am glad that they aren’t my problem anymore. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

The exterminators didn’t work!
I had a silverfish infestation for years and finally ponied up the cash for an exterminator to come out to my apartment. I did this every three months, but it never seemed to work. They would be “gone” for a while, then come right back! After reading the ebook, I know why! I appreciate it so much. My thanks to you for helping me to get my apartment silverfish-free!
Eva Kwiatowski,
San Diego, CA

My way get rid of silverfish is cheap, safe, efficient, and can easily be completed in as little as 2 or 3 hours, oftentimes less! So, don’t wait any longer. Order your guide for $15 Now! How To Get Rid of Silverfish Ebook
If you’d like get them gone and keep them gone from your home PERMANENTLY, this is what you have to know…
First, you have to figure out why the silverfish are attracted to your house to begin with. Once you know what attracts them, you’ll know how to repel them!

Click here to learn more

  • Do a little research on the silverfish themselves. Learn what makes them tick and what makes them so difficult to be rid of.
  • Learn what their living and breeding conditions are, and what they need to survive. You’d be shocked what simple changes you can make to both improve your house and persuade your annoying little critters to find a new home.
  • Find out the disgusting truth about why exactly the silverfish keep returning time and again. Yes, those nasty little bugs are, in fact and without question, laying eggs all over your house. Places you’d probably wish you never knew once you find out what they are. When I first found out, it made me queasy!
  • Understand what you must do and what to get silverfish out of your home.
  • Discover the best secrets to ridding yourself of them for good!

So, how does a person get silverfish to go for good?
The facts are simple: If you are ready to finally rid yourself of these pests, you must take action. Just because you want them gone doesn’t mean that they’ll magic away – you have to do something.

These are the options that offer you a solution for your silverfish infestation:

- Hiring an exterminator. This will be very expensive. If you don’t think so, make some calls to your local extermination companies. Doing this will easily cost you a few hundred, and you won’t get a guarantee that it’ll even work the first time around. You will almost certainly have to have them back over and over again for more “visits”, each costing you more money. It’s not the best option.

- Using pesticides and chemicals yourself. Whether you decide to buy them from a nearby store or order them online, using pesticides and chemicals isn’t very appealing. For starters, the only thing you can hope to accomplish with chemicals and pesticides is killing silverfish INDIVIDUALLY. It doesn’t work like putting poison down for ants, who then carry it to their queen and take out the whole nest. Silverfish don’t have a hive or nest, so that would be impossible.
To be absolutely clear, if there is an infestation in your house, you have eggs in your house. Female silverfish can, on average, lay around three eggs a day. Taking out a couple of silverfish with pesticides is not going to solve your problem.
Besides, how safe and healthy do you think it is to wipe down your sinks, toilet, bathtub, dishes, counters, pipes, bookshelves, carpets and heaters with chemicals? Doesn’t sound safe to me, either. Nor does it sound like fun!

- Living with them. This isn’t actually a solution by any stretch, but it’s what a lot of people feel they are reduced to. Why not, when they think that the only solutions are to keep paying exterminators to come out, poison their homes, or just live with them?

Don’t just give up! There is something ELSE that you can do to get rid of your infestations! And it’s all right here, waiting for you to find out!

COVER Silverfish


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  4. i use this guide for 3 days and see some good results

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